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  • Date21/03/2011

Extend the use of wedding website

Oh so you have a wedding website? Great. Now here are some additional ideas for you to maximize your ROI (return of investment) of your wedding website.

By putting it up everywhere! ( unless you want to keep your privacy that’s another matter )

So below are some of products, from wedding gifts even to money envelops (a.k.a duit raya) being photoshopped with the Weddingkami URL, so you could get the picture. All the product picture is from MarryMe2U and they gave us the right to photo-chopped it. :D


Aren’t this little boxes cute!!!

more ideas next :D



This looks like noodle box packaging at US.


Marshmellow! Taste good with hot chocolate


Of if you got your own mixtape/cd mix compilation to be given with few exclusive fella.

And lastly, do note that when you purchase our wedding website, it stays online for three years. So you could also do this to your personalized Money envelope/duit raya/ angpaw after two-three years and the receiver still can go to your website.


Yeah the couple is Marry Me 2uDigital Syndicate photography.

And by the way, MarryMe2U wedding gifts range are, for me, rare to see in Malaysia. Pay a visit to their wedding gifts store here.

So if you saw some weird execution aside from the above, do share with us yea :D Hope this post inspired you for your wedding and will utilize your wedding website.