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  • Date07/03/2011

What is Weddingkami?

Weddingkami is a combination of  2 words: Wedding & Kami. Kami is a Malay word for ‘Us / Our’. Literally translated as ‘Our Wedding’, Weddingkami aims to revolutionize the wedding invitation process. Inviting guests to a wedding, without a doubt, is one of the most tedious task as a bride and groom. Missed out one important people and you will be disremembered for the rest of the life. Then there is cases where guest got lost to the wedding venue and we also have heard the ‘Mak Andam’ ( make up artist) got lost too because they have lost the map.

So again, Weddingkami would like to simplify the wedding invitation process. Imagine where you just need to spend a little for printed cards for your elderly relatives who might have difficulties to view the interactive wedsite. As for our interactive wedsite, the URL can simply being delivered over SMS, Twitter, Email, Facebook message and so on. Forget those interrupting, disturbing Facebook-Photo-Tagging features that usually being misused to announce or inviting people, this is the way, by having your own Wedding Websites. And during your lovely day, if if the guests have an iPhone, they will navigate themselves to the venue using their tech device. Plus, you could manage RSVP, upload your engagement photo albums, receive tonnes of wedding wishes from your friends who couldn’t come to their wedding, isn’t that easy?

As for ecological consensus, we believe in designing cards that worth to keep it and also, available in low volume. All we need to do is to print only meaningful wedding cards for those who really need it. This way, we distinguish ourself from our competitor in terms of the design.

Now, know more Why You Should Choose Us, and also about Our Team.