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Using twitter on your wedding day

Wedding season in Malaysia comes again. This weekend 3/6-5/6 is one of the busiest date for wedding, including weddingkami’s client and few of my friends too. Here I am to share my own experience in livetweeting during my wedding day. If you’re using facebook, the same theory applies :) it’s just me that already integrate twitter update in Facebook wall so I don’t need to update my FB wall.

The importance of #hashtag on your wedding

It depends on your own opinion. If you think livetweeting is a form that you appreciate your twitter followers & friends, it’s a way to filter those tweets in twitter timeline. It’s also make your story easily googled. Unless if you want to remain in secret,whatever, don’t use the hashtag. In Islam, it’s the solemnization that should be known to people.

But for those that have their wedding sponsored/ as in item, equipment, the hashtag will serve as your key performance index to your sponsors.

Tips 1: Get your best man/bridesmaid to tweet for your twitter account

The important thing on that day will cloud your mind. You have a lot of things to manage. I even left my ‘goldlike-weaven-cloth/songket’ on my solemnization day. I’m lucky to have my friend @edryfaizal that agree to be my best man and also, tweet on behalf on me. Our follower wants to know our story so it makes sense for our best man to tweet on behalf us, rather than they tweeting about themselves, updating our wedding. The reach is not there. And get your best man to know how to use twitter, twitpic and all those stuff.

The picture on the left is a picture on me wearing a plain/lame sarong for my wedding.

Tips 2: A dedicated hashtag for your wedding.

It is¬†preferable to create your hashtag as early as a week before. But for me myself I create¬†#tekongkawin 3 weeks before my wedding, right after my weddingkami site published. if you’re famous, you might be trending. Put the hashtag at visibla places so the attendees can twit about it. I’ve did it on my tentative picture like below.

Also you might want to have a hashtag printed on the table

Tips 3: Foursquare your wedding event

Since this is involving privacy issue, it’s up to your decision. If it’s a common hall to do a wedding, maybe it’s already on foursquare anyway. But just imagine a Swarm Badge just for your wedding event ? I think that’s epic!

Tips 4: Provide free wifi for attendees.

Free wifi, obviously, will help those attendees update your wedding. They maybe have their own broadband package but it doesn’t hurt to provide a wifi anyway :)

Hope the tips helps and if you have done it before, share your stories with us :)

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