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In The Star: British royal touch for local wedding cards

  • Date03/05/2011
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So I think there’s still people discussing about Royal Wedding even until now. And we were on The Star, a malaysia newspaper last week

Here are the news and you can also find it on their website here.


British royal touch for local wedding cards


PETALING JAYA: The royal wedding has inspired several Malaysian couples to do the “royal” walk, too.

Wedding card designer Emmi Idris said there were at least three couples who made last-minute adjustments to their card designs in conjunction with the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton tomorrow.

“I think that the wide media coverage on Will and Kate gave them the idea of wanting something like a royal wedding, too,” said Emmi, 24. “Their initial designs had nothing to do with the royal wedding, but earlier this month, they opted to change them.”

She added that the three couples would get married between June and July.

“It is quite challenging to meet their requests but when the couples are happy with the end product, we are happy, too,” Emmi said.

“Those who have seen William and Kate’s wedding card say that it is simple and elegant, so the couples said that they wanted the same theme for their cards,” said Ikhwan Nazri, 25, who is the co-founder of WeddingKami, a wedding card designer.

The changes, according to Ikhwan, went from wild or casual to something elegant and simple.

“The background went from bright flashy colours to soft and light pastel colours, and they changed the funky borders on the card with Old English style decorative elements.

“As for the fonts, they now want simple cursive handwriting. Despite the changes, the cards still project the couples’ personal and original concepts,” Ikhwan said.

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Afterall, who doesn’t want to be at least a king and queen for a day ?


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