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Bridesmaids Movie Ticket Giveaway!

The wedding season by the end of the year is just months away… Many brides are busy preparing for their wedding by now. We understand all the stress that you are going through – trying to meet your parents and aunties request like the ideal color for the pelamin, managing people you would like and would not like to invite, and crossing out every little detail of your wedding-to-list! Therefore, Weddingkami would like to reward brides-to-be out there for a treat with your bridesmaid / bff for a movie night out watching Bridesmaid . Chill and relax.. laugh your heart out, shake all those stress away in this hilarious movie.

The movie will be held on Friday Night – September 16, 2011 – 9.35pm at Midvalley Megamall.

In order to win the tickets, you have to submit entries which will be selected through a lucky draw. Please follow this few steps to win :

1. You should see a box above this line. If not, you might need to enable JavaScript or use Chrome/Firefox/Safari
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8. If you skip any of the steps, you’ll lose just one entry. All of the above steps are not compulsory but obviously will help you to increase your chances to win. ;)

Even though you can submit many entries, you can only win one pair of tickets. The entries will be close by September 14th 2011 at 11.59pm. 4 lucky winners will be selected through a random number generator and we will match it with your entry number.Winners will be announce on September 15th, 2011 – 9.00am.Also you can pick-up the tickets one hour before the movie starts at the venue.

Teal Butterfly Printed

This is a doble-sided, one piece of card where the couple decide on having two cards and two sides. Card 1 – Couple name & Tentative. Card 1- Guest Details & Address. This is make it easy for the guest to bring the cards during the events.

Tentative Page

Guest detail page

Map page


Violet Orchid Printed

This Violet Orchid theme is another minimalist design produced by us. The finishing using Spot UV & Matte Lamination

This card doesn’t have any map and at behind are just a letters of their initials.

Cream Pink Printed

Cream Pink was one of the most earliest design for Wedsite. The design also suitable for printing purposes. Thus, we have a customer that requested the same Cream Pink for Wedsite, redesigned for printed purposes.

To be honest, we ourselves were quite surprise with the output :)

Inside view.

The back view is the map for both events.


Plain Pink Printed

Remember Polka Pink the Wedsite? For the same couple, they also did a printed wedding cards for it. It’s a bit minimalist, since there’s no polka pattern on it.

Inside view

For this card, the couple choose not to have Spot UV. Still, with Matte lamination included, it is still nice.

Urusan Walimatul Urus Printed

This card designed for our client, Hassan & Safinah. They ordered our Wedsite however decided that their wedsite is ‘less appropriate’ for their relatives, thus, ordered a custom printed design from us. They’ve asked for a design that derived from ‘Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda’ and this is the result.

Inside view

Their back view include a special Kufi Calligraphy. Available for order for RM50 per Kufi

Polka Blue – Printed

This card is one of the ‘matched pair’ designs. It follows exactly as their wedding websites (Check out their wedsite here.). The card’s finishing is Matte lamination with Spot UV, thus giving the shining effect on the card.

Inside view

We do accept customization on Basic Wedsite :)

Do you have something to add on to your choice of Basic Wedsite? Hereby we clarify that we do accept MINOR customization for your Basic Wedsite. Among the customizationservice  that we can provide is

  1. Adding your own sketches + artwork without any editing required (RM20)
  2. Provide personalized sketches + coloring (RM50 + include item 1)
  3. Kufi Artwork (RM50 + include item 1)
This is item 2. The sketches provided by the client but it is originally in Black & White. We colored it for our client. You can also check it live here.
This is item 3. Kufi Artwork. It can also be applied on the printed wedding cards.
Anyway, if you felt unsure, go ahead, email us info[at]weddingkami[dot]com with your questions :)

Polka Pink

The polka pink matched with the theme of their wedding day. Also, the illustration that was provided by us for Zhafri & Munirah

Visit their site here.

Wedding For Dummies

Now when I said Dummies, it doesn’t mean this couple are dummies. Both of them are programmers. So it is naturally come into our senses to do something like ‘For Dummies’ book. There’s another type of book called Complete Idiot Guide but, well, no one wanted to be called as idiot. Dummies is a little bit lighter.

So for Fina & Odin, they decided to do something like Book For Dummies. So this is it. Quite fun to receive comments from their friends.

Check out their website here. 

Polka Blue

For Shamsul and Farrah, we have two polka designs and this is the confirmed design. For this wedsite, they also ordered a print version for it.

Check out their wedsite here.

Green Flower

Another minimalist theme created for Pusparanee & Hafiz. A greenish flower blooming.

Check out their website here

Love is in the air

So we have a couple who work in the airline industry. They decided that their theme should be something related to the airline, which explains why there’s cloud as the background and the design is like an airline ticket. Congratulations Fattah & Ellinah

Click here to view their website

Using twitter on your wedding day

Wedding season in Malaysia comes again. This weekend 3/6-5/6 is one of the busiest date for wedding, including weddingkami’s client and few of my friends too. Here I am to share my own experience in livetweeting during my wedding day. If you’re using facebook, the same theory applies :) it’s just me that already integrate twitter update in Facebook wall so I don’t need to update my FB wall.

The importance of #hashtag on your wedding

It depends on your own opinion. If you think livetweeting is a form that you appreciate your twitter followers & friends, it’s a way to filter those tweets in twitter timeline. It’s also make your story easily googled. Unless if you want to remain in secret,whatever, don’t use the hashtag. In Islam, it’s the solemnization that should be known to people.

But for those that have their wedding sponsored/ as in item, equipment, the hashtag will serve as your key performance index to your sponsors.

Tips 1: Get your best man/bridesmaid to tweet for your twitter account


Tips untuk livetweeting pada hari perkahwinan

Musim kahwin pertengahan tahun kembali lagi. Terutamanya pada akhir minggu ini, 3/6-5/6 adalah tarikh yang mana ramai dijangka akan bernikah/berkahwin termasuk rakan-rakan saya sendiri dan juga beberapa client weddingkami. Disini saya (tekong) ingin berkongsi pengalaman beliau untuk livetweeting pada hari perkahwinan. Sekiranya anda lebih banyak menggunakan facebook, tips sama juga boleh digunapakai.

Apa pentingnya #hashtag masa kahwin ni ?

Sekiranya anda sangat engage/menghargai follower/rakan-rakan online anda, #hashtag ini salah satu cara untuk mem-filter-kan berita anda dalam twitter streaming tersebut. Dan juga, kisah anda senang digoogle. Kecuali kalau anda jenis yang nak berahsia, tak payah hashtag ni. Aku pun masa bertunang, takde hashtag tp itu tunang. Dalam islam, pernikahan mestilah dihebahkan tapi terpulang pada pendapat masing-masing.

Tapi buat mereka yang perkahwinan disponsor ke apa, adanya hashtag ini membantu KPI anda terhadap pihak yang menaja.

Tips 1: Dapatkan pengapit untuk tweet bagi twitter account anda.


In The Star: British royal touch for local wedding cards

So I think there’s still people discussing about Royal Wedding even until now. And we were on The Star, a malaysia newspaper last week

Here are the news and you can also find it on their website here.


British royal touch for local wedding cards


PETALING JAYA: The royal wedding has inspired several Malaysian couples to do the “royal” walk, too.

Wedding card designer Emmi Idris said there were at least three couples who made last-minute adjustments to their card designs in conjunction with the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton tomorrow.

“I think that the wide media coverage on Will and Kate gave them the idea of wanting something like a royal wedding, too,” said Emmi, 24. “Their initial designs had nothing to do with the royal wedding, but earlier this month, they opted to change them.”

She added that the three couples would get married between June and July. (more…)

Baiku Printed

This is the second collaboration with Stoodle where they drew artworks for our client. But specifically, this is their first artwork that being produced for printed wedding cards. It is minimalist, sporting only plain white color.

Check out the paired wedsite for this design here.


This is the second collaboration with Stoodle for Khair Ozaid & Shairah. They both work in medical and share common interest, where most notably is motorcycle. Therefore, this artwork was produced in website and also, for their printed card. Interestingly, they use post-card style for their design so it is extremely minimalist and also, saving paper for the greener earth.

Check out their website by clicking here

And read more about their paired design of wedding printed card here



Ornamenty Printed

Remember the website, Ornamenty, here basically is the print version of it. The beauty of custom-printed cards is that you can made it as website too.